Plans, Dreams and Visions for this Site….

MY PLAN, Lord willing, is to add pages regarding the Holy Spirit, the Second Coming, the role of the saints in the Last Days, the Last Days, the absolute necessity and biblical admonishment to be Praying In The Holy Spirit (and why that has been so misaligned, misunderstood, feared, resisted, distorted and neglected – even to the point of blasphemy),  whether or not God heals, and whether or not God wants to heal, God’s desire that NONE perish and that ALL come to repentance, topics like that. I have personal biblical opinion regarding whether or not a person can lose his salvation, miss his destiny, or fulfill all that the Lord has planned and intended for him/her.

By His grace, I humbly believe I have some insights into the Word of God, and that the Lord is pleased with my commencement of this site. I believe I will continue to be learning as I press into His Word. That said, I encourage you that YOU press into His Word as well. WORD PRESS (go figure – just like the site host company). Do your own WORD PRESS. This site/no site/no teacher/no revelation from any other person is ever intended to become any other person’s complete source for revelation. This is not in place of your personal and intimate time in the Word, with the Lord. If you are so pressed for time to the point of not investing in the Word, don’t spend time on this website. Spend it in your bible. Taste and see that the Lord is good, for yourself.

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  1. Pat Bazzani says:

    Are you the guy that guest speaks at our church up north?

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