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this is a subscription test – really

Hi Subscribers (there’s lots of you!) Apologies for the inconvenience of a test-post, but folks (myself included) have not been receiving recent posts. HOPEFULLY this test post is coming to you, in which case all ought to be well and … Continue reading

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On Feb 5, 2014 (nearly three years ago) I posted a writing called THE OUTHOUSE INCIDENT. It is reposted at the end of this writing, for your convenience. I did touch on the wording of the original post just a … Continue reading

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Greetings In The Name Of Jesus.

It’s absolutely wonderful if the name Jesus is sweet to your ears. If it is offensive, or off-putting, I can make no apologies. Y’Shua will work. That’s the original Hebrew, if you like. It was and remains the name of … Continue reading

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Prayer In These Times – 7 weeks of notes

THIS IS A LOOOOONG POST, and here’s why: Last summer there was a series called PRAYER IN THESE TIMES. Notes from SOME of those sessions were posted on this site. Others were not. These are being re-posted at this time … Continue reading

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