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Solid article re Sodom and Gomorrah

I don’t think I’ve ever simply reposted an online writing at this site before, but this one is worthy of reposting, and of reading. Our great and righteous God continues to love on mankind, continues to deal with us all … Continue reading

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Hey, Where Did Thanksgiving Go?

Have you noticed Thanksgiving has pretty much been fully scrubbed from any retail presence? Since there’s little money to be made in regards to that sacred, American, national response to God for His goodness, stores now jump from multi-billion dollar … Continue reading

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God of the WHATEVER

Conversational American English has in recent years popularized “whatever” as a trendy catch-all phrase implying “anything”, “doesn’t really matter”. It works. Whatever. Notably, the word of God utilizes the same word to present to the people of God an invitation … Continue reading

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Samuel: The Church

In general, the whole “king-thing” failed miserably for covenant-bound Israel. The people wanted to be like the other nations, when, in fact, their king was supposed to be God, The King. Although America is a covenent nation and the same … Continue reading

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