Solid article re Sodom and Gomorrah

I don’t think I’ve ever simply reposted an online writing at this site before, but this one is worthy of reposting, and of reading. Our great and righteous God continues to love on mankind, continues to deal with us all re our corporate as well as individual condition, and has not only told us through the prophets of His future plans, but has also confirmed His prior dealings with mankind by graciously leaving us archaeological evidence.

This article is informative, insightful, and confirming of God’s truths. There are some reasonable speculations, which I consider as having been put forth by the writer based upon greater topical knowledge than my own. I cannot speak to any other thoughts or opinions or theology of the writer on his own site. Having read this one piece, I can say this is good stuff.

The more we understand re the fullness of God’s divine personality and character, as well as the accuracy of His eternal word, the better established we will be, and the less apt we will be to get offended when God reveals Himself and does what His word has already declared, in advance.

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I am a believer in Jesus - that He is the One and Only Messiah of the world. I believe the Bible is the perfect and complete Word of God, and that God is absolutely competent and capable of keeping His Word perfect, undefiled, and uncorrupted. Jesus was born Jewish. So was I. He lived a perfect life, and is worshiped. I live an imperfect life, and I worship Him.
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