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The Secret Place: Going Public

Jehovah-Sneaky. Always one (or more) steps ahead of us – knowing how to lure us forward into Him. After all, He is the journey as well as the destination, is He not? Picture a closet full of all the goodies … Continue reading

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We Win

Who rules over all kings? That sort of seems like a ridiculous question for a Bible-believing saint – hey isn’t our God clearly called King of Kings? That means He’s, well, the King of kings. Go figure. Still, there’s something … Continue reading

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How Saved Are We?

100% How simple is that? It couldn’t get simpler, in fact. Nor can you get more saved. At the same time, our relentless Adversary would like to muddy matters by: A. Convincing us that as we walk on the path … Continue reading

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