Did the prophet Isaiah ever think he’d (sort of) be a podcast?

Here’s a link to the FB page EZ3728 that in turn will take you to a podcast that has begun, centering on the book of Isaiah and at the same time launching us into many more places in both testaments to clarify, weigh against, confirm and complement the prophetic words of this great prophet.
I find myself sometimes posting things on the ez3728 FB page that I haven’t posted here. It is simply more convenient, and in the past I’ve pretty much reserved this blog site for longer writings.

You can download an app at www.podbean.com, and then free-subscribe and stay up to date on these podcasts.

The specific Isaiah 11&12 podcast link is: https://ez3728.podbean.com/e/isaiah-11-12-72019/

The broader link to the ez3728 podcast adventure can be located hereĀ  (this will allow you to access to all earlier-recorded podcasts: Isaiah 1-11):

It’s easier for you to poke around those link and familiarize yourself with the program, than it is for me to try to explain it all (aka the one-eyed man in the land of the blind).
The more you fiddle around with podcast stuff, the more you will get it.
God is good. He’s shown up faithfully each and every time we’ve met. I am thinking this is pleasing Him…..



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About ez3728

I am a believer in Jesus - that He is the One and Only Messiah of the world. I believe the Bible is the perfect and complete Word of God, and that God is absolutely competent and capable of keeping His Word perfect, undefiled, and uncorrupted. Jesus was born Jewish. So was I. He lived a perfect life, and is worshiped. I live an imperfect life, and I worship Him.
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