All that’s happening. All the questions. And shut-in or locked out, we finally find ourselves with time to wonder.

QUESTIONS: With so much happening, right now on a day to day basis, I am (like many, I’d presume) receiving emails, texts, phone calls, etc. – getting lots of questions, and inquiries re how I feel about things, what I’ve written, taught on, spoken to individual folks, believers or not yet believers, in the past. I am asked about what others are currently preaching, teaching, and prophesying.

WHAT I AM NOT: First and foremost – Please know I do not consider myself an expert, or the official clearing house for conditions on earth. The EZ3728 website says: “One Man’s Opinion”.

WHAT I BELIEVE: I am fully convinced Jesus (Y’Shua) is the one and only Messiah for both the Jew and non-Jew. I’ve had way too many experiences, dreams, revelations and other wild “co-ordinated incidences” (CoIncidences) in my own life to think otherwise. A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument. Way too much has occurred and in fact is occurring each and every day right now, for me to deny God is alive, well, on the move, acting according to scriptural outline, and just like anyone else who has experienced what I experienced 47 years ago (re: “whosoever will…..”), I know for certain His is in me, in my life.

MY EXPERIENCE AND MY HEALTHY FEAR: I am one man who, by God’s great grace, responded nearly 5 decades ago to His dramatic interruption and call upon my life, and further by His grace, I’ve pressed into deeply studying His word. I happily admit to that addiction. Still, I do not fancy myself an expert, but I can say I know God, I fear Him appropriately and I tremble at His word, and I am committed to challenge myself each time I speak, teach or write anything that represents Him or His Kingdom, or His plans. I am highly accountable to God as a teacher. James said it this way:
James 3:1
1 My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment….

LEARNING, AND ALWAYS TESTING THE WORD: I continue to learn as the Lord teaches me. I trust HIS revelation and HIS personal teaching, impeccably. I would be denying His good work to deny that He has revealed a good amount me, and I am most thankful. Meanwhile, what I learn, hear or read FROM OTHERS I weigh carefully and prayerfully against the word of God, because at the end of the day only His word will stand. That actually clarifies so much, so often.

WANTING TO RESPOND TO INQUIRIES: All the above is written to say that I’ve pondered how to respond to this barrage of questions and comments in some kind of orderly manner, as I cannot spend hours texting lengthy scriptural opinions, or (worse yet!) answers to deep theological questions in a word-game app Chat box. No kidding, really. As I can, and especially as I am led, I respond when and wherever I am able. At the same time (as Paul admonishes us in Ephesians 5) I want to redeem the time, because the days are evil, and I don’t believe the will of the Lord, for me, is to backtrack time and again answering or speaking things quickly that I’ve been able to puts to words in the past, often via deeper study and in proper context.

EZ3728 – ONE RESOURCE: Below is a brief list of writings on the WEBSITE that can all be easily located by title. All of these pertain to the times at the end of the age, the conditions on earth, what the scriptures tell us, etc. There’s likely more writings on EZ3728 that include pertinent information and relate to these wild though foretold times, but this is my personal primary list. The Facebook Page EZ3728 is a very handy resource, and it contains links to audio teachings as well. But the actual WEBSITE provides two handy-dandy search components. One is WORD SEARCH, and the other provides a search function by CATEGORY via a pull-down menu offering topics like Apocalypse, Fear of the Lord, End Times Related.

HOW TO SEARCH THIS RESOURCE: If you scroll up, on the right side of this page you will see a box called: WORD SEARCH. If you wanted to read the article (in the list below): “Main Event”, type in either or both those words. Or use the WORD search box.

STAY TUNED FOR TEACHING NOTES: I am also gathering my notes from many teachings – some of which have not been posted on ez3728 before, including the 8-week 2018 Daniel class. Those include pics and scriptures in powerpoint format as well as word doc text – so that can be thoroughly dug into. Feel free to utilize, any/all any way you like. Please know that the writings are my personal teaching notes, and therefore HAVE NOT been perfectly and thoroughly proof-edited. Also, there may well be some specific mentions of events and people at church etc. They are what they are. If your name happens to be in any notes, sorry in advance. They are literally my notes to myself for the classes.

I pray some of this blesses you all.

Please know that the only perfect Teacher is our great God and our Lord Jesus who wants to teach us by His spirit. And because He presents Himself as jealous (Deut 4:24 and many other places), I firmly believe there are revelations and understanding that He personally reserves for Himself alone to reveal to you alone). So read and study anything I’ve written or spoken, or what anyone else has written or spoken, but know that the fullness of your learning experience will come firsthand when you dig dig dig into the Word, with God, yourself. Also know that small groups are great places for bible discussion and revelation. I happened to have married a woman who also loves the Word of God. I cannot begin to tell you how blessed I am to have her as my study/discussion partner.

Another thing to realize is that human teachers must keep learning (and not one of them will ever exhaust the treasure chest of God’s revelation in His Word). My second time at teaching a Daniel series required that I made adjustments to some opinions and conclusions I had arrived at during my first teaching series of Daniel. I am still learning, along with you. So what I’ve written in the past, I’ve written in the past. On one hand I am amazed when I look back and see what the Lord showed me earlier. On the other hand, as He might show me new things, I will speak and teach as I am taught and as I move forward.

I know one thing for certain: Every doctrine that is accurate must and will coordinate with the entire word of God, every jot and tittle. If someone has taught you anything that does not align with the entire word of God, it needs to be humbly and carefully and thoroughly questioned, and if it still fails the test, it needs to be adjusted or discarded. The word of God is “Echad” – whole and complete and never in contradiction with itself. Man’s doctrines, regardless of good (or worse) intent, will always collide with the Word of God. It is divinely intended.

Some very popular teachings and doctrines that permeate the church (sadly, including much of the praying charismatic church) simply cannot hold up to study and scrutiny of several key addresses of scripture, including pretty much the whole book of Isaiah, or Zechariah, Obadiah, chapters 30-39 of Ezekiel, Zephaniah, 2 Thessalonians, and more. Example: I marvel when people proclaim the “toughest times on earth” (Dan 12 and Matt 24) were fulfilled around 70 AD when Jerusalem and its temple was destroyed. Terrible as those times were, that doctrine of prophetic completion miserably fails the “whole-book” test when you read any of dozens of prophecies that tell you “immediately afterward” (the Lord returns) or following the trouble of those days the children of Israel will walk in peace and be lifted up as a nation. Really? That means getting dragged into Babylon with ropes and fishhooks was a glorifying occasion.

THE PRIORITY OF HIS APPEARANCE: Another point to note is that an end-times perspective, by any ministry, cannot be treated like an accessory to some other calling. There is great jeopardy in choosing an end-times stance so that a group has something to say about the return of our Lord, when/if they are asked. Our Lord’s return in flaming fire to judge the earth is more serious than a global heart attack. It is the conclusion of this age, friends. Currently, it is the divine elephant in the room, and ought not be avoided nor overlooked, diminished or discounted. Jesus referred to the religious leaders of His time as actors “hypocrites”) because they failed to address His first coming. How liable are we if we fail to address and respond to the signs of His second coming?

A WARNING AND ALSO A PROMISE OF HIS GREAT GRACE: As I’ve written many times, I contend God has purposely booby-trapped His precious word, so that the proud, the ones with religious agendas, the casual self-proclaimed teachers, the cynics and critics, can all blow themselves up failing to handling the whole word with the respect and dedication and sobriety it deserves and demands. At the same time, lest you be intimidated by the bible, our great God promises to fan the fires of revelation upon any and all who would open His word and sincerely press in to learning and understanding. He is that good. Ps 34: come my children I will teach you the fear of the Lord. And He will teach us way more than that. Bless God.

To get started, here’s a list of writings on this site that pertain to these troubling days, days I believe our great God has initiated to get the attention of all who dwell on the earth, as He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to the knowledge of the truth. And He knows that typically and most often it is trouble that motivates man to seek out God.
Psalms 78:34
34 When He slew them, then they sought Him;
And they returned and sought earnestly for God.

The list below is in chronological order, and not in order or preference. But if you ask preference, I’d read “National Accountability” first. Just sayin’. It was written 9/16/2018.

Avner’s Excellent Post re the current pandemic, and God 3/15/2020
Connecting Some Prophetic Dots 2/4/2020
Flies In The Prophetic Ointment 12/17/2019
An Act Of God 10/30/2019
The Main Event – the Restrainer and the Champion 7/1/2019
Has This Chapter Been Fulfilled Yet? 10/11/2018
National Accountability 9/16/2018
A Recent Message Re: Both Testaments 8/12/2018
Tapping Out 6/26/2018
You Shake My Nerves And You Rattle My Brains 11/7/2017
Trying To Remove God’s Teeth 9/8/2017
The Meek, And The End Of This Age 9/22/16
Jehovah Thorough 9/7/2016

PLEASE read the recent post re not passing over Passover. In all of our info as well as revelation seeking and study, let’s not fall into the sometimes neurotic trap of overlooking or missing the now-ness of the times, particularly let’s not miss out on our awareness and sensitivity to His Spirit leading.

Bless you all. And as the writer of the book of Revelation starts off: blessed are those who read and hear. Fully understanding all that is spoken, taught or read may be down the road of investment and study, but the big blessing begins simply by digging in.

BTW and FYI: “EZ3728” is a scripture address, Ezekiel 37:28. It is about Israel, God’s chosen people, and their land, His chosen Ground-Zero for the culmination of this age. It is His priority and He calls us into that understanding and alignment:
Ezekiel 37:28
28 The nations also will know that I, the LORD, sanctify Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forevermore.” ’ ”

Until His sanctuary is in their midst forevermore, the nations will not know of His purposes. But they will, then. And we are called to know that now.

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