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Heart Conditions….and their effect on our spiritual ears

Psalm 95 is presented to us as a “A Call to Worship and Obedience” Hebrews 4:7, btw, attributes the psalm to King David. Figures. Ps 95 is brief, succinct (to the point) and eternal. It is quoted 3X in the … Continue reading

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NATIONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – aka when and how God addresses a rebellious society – particularly a rebellious covenant nation. And the Yom Kippur invitation, to all, to personal and national repentance.

UPDATED June 8, 2020 – Amidst a covid world plague and severe national trouble. Other than some warranted grammatical improvements and an added word or two to flesh things out or clarify a bit, this article is unaltered from its … Continue reading

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Jesus addresses Sabbath, and Rest

I’ve been pondering the Sabbath a lot lately, as God Himself unquestionably places so high a priority on the concept and essence of that event. Sabbath was created, and modeled by God Himself, on Day 7 OF CREATION – quite … Continue reading

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