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Excerpts from Avner Boskey’s post re Passover, and some personal thoughts re Passover observance

My dear friend Avner Boskey writes from Israel: The God of Israel is described in the Bible not only as the Prince of Peace. He is also a God of military warfare and intelligence strategy. Moses shouted out a victory … Continue reading

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The Conclusion Of This Age, and The Return Of Our Lord – teaching notes from 2 PETER chapter 3

This is a loooong post because these are notes from a teaching that encompasses much but clearly not all of the biblical perspective of the return of Jesus. Since it so broad in its text reference, it can be a … Continue reading

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Greetings In The Name Of Jesus.

It’s absolutely wonderful if the name Jesus is sweet to your ears. If it is offensive, or off-putting, I can make no apologies. Y’Shua will work. That’s the original Hebrew, if you like. It was and remains the name of … Continue reading

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The Chanukah/Christmas Confluence. Cool, but…

A dear friend whose heart is tender towards her God, kindly sent me a lovely Blue Mountain Christmas card. I wrote her the following (below, with some grammatical and minor edits), in sincere hope that her true hunger would take … Continue reading

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Jesus addresses Sabbath, and Rest

I’ve been pondering the Sabbath a lot lately, as God Himself unquestionably places so high a priority on the concept and essence of that event. Sabbath was created, and modeled by God Himself, on Day 7 OF CREATION – quite … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Faithfulness. Our Faithfulness.

Jesus of course is faithful. Believers are betting their eternal souls on that truth. That said, it is wise for us to consider not only THAT He is faithful, but also TO WHAT He is faithful. There is sometimes a … Continue reading

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Verily, Verily

Everything Jesus said was “Verily”. Everything Jesus ever said is true. In fact, Jesus IS Truth. That means if He said something, we can bet on it. It is accurate, it is not deceptive, and it is not an exaggeration. … Continue reading

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